We provide Consulting Engineering Services to clients that include, but are not limited to, Third Party Opinions, General Consulting, Existing Condition Surveys, Component Designs, Temporary Shoring, Underpinning Designs, etc.
Commercial and Residential Design

As the Structural Engineer of Record (SER) on our design projects, we work closely with the Architect and Design Team to produce a structurally sound and efficient structural system for the building.

Forensic Investigations

We provide extensive Forensic Engineering Investigations to our clients to determine the cause and origin of damage to a building and the extent of damage from a loss. We also render opinions on the scope of work to restore the structure to its pre-loss condition and provide a scope of work to comply with the structural requirements of the currently adopted building codes. 
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Expert Testimony

Carl S. Cianci, P.E. has provided an extensive amount of Expert Testimony in Depositions, State and Federal Courts, Mediation, Arbitration and Insurance Appraisals. We also provide Litigation Support services in matters where we are not disclosed as an Expert Witness

Independent Threshold Reviews

In response to the 1987 collapse of L'Ambience Plaza in Bridgeport, CT a Building Construction Advisory Committee made recommendations to assure that a similar catastrophe would not occur again. One of the committee's many recommendations included requiring an independent engineering review of the plans of projects above a “threshold”.  Cianci Engineering, LLC has provided threshold review services on numerous projects throughout CT and continues to offer these services to our clients.   

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